Our tortelli is shaped and crafted individually by our skilled chefs.


Filled with whipped whey cheese (ricotta), spinach, preserved lemon and served with verjuice butter sauce. Garnish with shaved peccorino and toasted pinenuts.


The balance of lightness and the bright flavour profile makes for a vibrant and delightful dish.


This product is suitable for vegetarian.

Serves: 2

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes

Package comes with clear cooking instructions and includes all components of:

  • Filled tortelli
  • Verjuice butter sauce
  • Shaved peccorino
  • Pine nuts


Contains gluten, egg, dairy, seasoning and spices.


Ricotta & Spinach Tortelli with Verjuice Butter Sauce



    Good meal ! Easy to cook , tasty and very filling too.