Our silky and smooth handcrafted tonnarelli is topped with 6-hr confit duck leg that has been pulled apart and mixed with seasonal wild mushroom with a hint of sage. Served with creamy green peppercorn sauce and parmagiano.


Subtle yet elegant with a hint of peppery flavour profile, this is a hearty dish packed with protein that will warms hearts and tummies at home.

Serves: 2 serving

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes


Package comes with clear cooking instructions and includes all components of:

  • Fresh tonnarelli
  • Pulled confit duck & mushroom in green peppercorn sauce 
  • Fried sage
  • Parmagiano


Contains gluten, egg, dairy, duck meat, seasoning and spices.

Duck & Mushroom Tonnarelli with Greenpeppercon Sauce



    Good meal ! Easy to cook , tasty and very filling too.